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Is This All There Is?: A Fanmix for Sayaka Miki's Descent

listen @ 8tracksart credit

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hahah i made like three fanmixes and never posted them here OOPS
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009;; jumping up and down the floor

63 Homestuck, 22 Ib, 18 Madoka, 9 Vocaloid, 8 Yume Nikki, and 4 plurk icons

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008;; big bad betty of the 'pocalypse

34 homestuck, 9 ib, 9 madoka magica, 22 pokémon, 9 misc (3 original art, 6 hunger games) and 9 plurk

she opens her lips and it goes like this )
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006;; she acts like summer & walks like rain

42 Homestuck, 22 Ib, 5 original art, 11 Pokémon, 12 Problem Sleuth ladies, 5 misc (YGO, Madoka, Brave, THG), and 4 Plurk

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credit appreciated but not required, original images and artists available upon request, and if you would like your art taken down, please let me know right away.
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002;; where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart

46 Homestuck, 24 Metastuck, 4 Pokémon, 5 Misc (Yume Nikki, Vocaloid, Madoka), +5 Plurk
86 Icons total
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Pokémon (pixiv IDs of the art):
4749269, 23984834, 23981333, 21794478

Homestuck (tumblrs):
carcinomas, jelajade, geewhizzbutts, kawamamilosc, shillo, cycliccircumferentia, cucoo, cherryblossomcolorseason, dogeatsworld, jesslaughingalonewithtumblr, spooksie, merirodz, aboutascoolasfrenchtoast, averyniceprince, junglemouse, sarahfu, fuoco-go, darsucks, jellyfreak, paperpie, harakirii, shaburdies

Misc (pixiv ids + a tumblr): 23109470, 5834888, shaburdies

♥ Credit is nice but not necessary, just don't claim them as your own!
♥ Please upload the images onto your own servers.
♥ Comments are cool and so are subscriptions but really just enjoy!