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022;; this is a bad town for such a pretty face

135 999 icons + 2 plurk
Mostly Clover; lots of novel art icons!

i wanna taste the way that you bleed )
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021;; television's on the blink (there's nothing on it)

160 Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones icons
how many Rennac icons do i have to make before someone picks him up and joins Capital H with me and my Dozla
give me a number i'll do it, you think i won't

i really want a really big coat (with words on it) )
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020;; we are nothing if not your granddaughters

186 icons of Aoi's sprites
I couldn't decide what background I wanted when I made a set for my RP account...

and we splash our eyes full of chemicals just so there's none left for little girls )
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019;; nights like this i become afraid of the darkness in my heart

65 Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones (all Myrrh), 70 Homestuck, 60 original art, 30 Pokémon, 15 Super Dangan Ronpa 2, and 15 Plurk icons

welcome to the inner workings of my mind )
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017;; everybody wanna hold your hand

215 Dangan Ronpa icons (lots of Aoi, endgame spoilers!)

everybody wanna live your life )
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016;; what you know 'bout me what you what you know

166 Homestuck icons, all sprites from the Meenahbound flash (Aradia, Aranea, Dave, Kanaya, Kankri, Karkat, Latula, Meenah; everyone's front overworlds)
Warning for being gif-heavy, but none of them are more complex or speedy than the one above!

i said my lip gloss be poppin )
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015;; how very bizarre

110 Dangan Ronpa icons
almost entirely of the walking spoiler Corpse Warblade (picking preview images was HARD oh no)
(i didn't mean for this to happen i just wanted some nice fanart of her and i ended up making all of these within like an hour)

all these blood-letting games )
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009;; jumping up and down the floor

63 Homestuck, 22 Ib, 18 Madoka, 9 Vocaloid, 8 Yume Nikki, and 4 plurk icons

my head is an animal )
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008;; big bad betty of the 'pocalypse

34 homestuck, 9 ib, 9 madoka magica, 22 pokémon, 9 misc (3 original art, 6 hunger games) and 9 plurk

she opens her lips and it goes like this )
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007;; in search of fools and utopias


253 icons from the Cucumber Quest prologue. All art is by Gigi D.G.!

with slum religion and coca cola )
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006;; she acts like summer & walks like rain

42 Homestuck, 22 Ib, 5 original art, 11 Pokémon, 12 Problem Sleuth ladies, 5 misc (YGO, Madoka, Brave, THG), and 4 Plurk

reminds me that there's a time to change )

credit appreciated but not required, original images and artists available upon request, and if you would like your art taken down, please let me know right away.
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005;; so show me what you've got

58 Homestuck, 11 Pokémon, 2 plurk (one of each)

you children of the gun )
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004;; and now you steal away

93 Homestuck (lots of Biblestuck), 23 Pokémon, 14 Hunger Games, 3 Yume Nikki, 12 Plurk (HS, Pkmn, THG, Portal)

Nice work you did. )
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003;; to write these words

81 icons (56 Homestuck, 25 Pokémon) + 10 Plurk

Unless otherwise stated, all credited names are Tumblr URLs and numbers are Pixiv IDs. Full images are always available on request!

Homestuck: vanillabobo, re-ne-rei, alyssaties, airinn, tricotee, kaymurph, mawiles, liralicia, kawaiitank, littlereddish, bendieci, paperpie, neophytecherryglare, askegbertjohn, mirrorshards, spacedrunk, polliwogger, lazylaz, notzilon, penstab, pavaal, hajoi, epileptictrees, alessatrickster, xiidogsmiles

Pokémon: tseren (askcherenandbianca), 12307567, 15249120, 15324237, moromoroitigo23beberu @ drawr

Credit to [community profile] sunsetter is nice but not required. If you use the Bianca and Cheren icons in the second, third, fourth, and fifth rows of the Pokémon block or the last two Plurk icons, credit [ profile] tseren or [ profile] askcherenandbianca!