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Courtney ([personal profile] prospitian) wrote in [community profile] sunsetter2013-05-27 10:46 am
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016;; what you know 'bout me what you what you know

166 Homestuck icons, all sprites from the Meenahbound flash (Aradia, Aranea, Dave, Kanaya, Kankri, Karkat, Latula, Meenah; everyone's front overworlds)
Warning for being gif-heavy, but none of them are more complex or speedy than the one above!

Sorry for the massive dearth of updates! I haven't really been in much of an icon-making mood at all.

This was a project I'd started as soon as Meenahbound came out, but I haven't touched it in months and I don't think I'm likely to actually ever finish it because making these isn't hard but it is tedious as shit. That said, if there are any characters that I missed and people want the icons of, I might be willing to make those? Let me know!

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