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North Star

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Broken Bride Ludo
You died in 1989, want to get back
To that morning in May
Keep you in bed, never escape
Holding you close, oh oh oh oh
Listen to you breathe the evening glow of fading light
And cooling space

A Dark Congregation The Hush Sound
Save me, I am swallowed by the guilt of this
You're gone, sleeping in the dust
We will not let time erase us

Starlight Muse
Far away, this ship is taking me far away
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die

Starlight, I will be chasing the starlight
Until the end of my life
I don't know if it's worth it anymore

Comes and Goes (In Waves) Greg Laswell
This one's for the faithless, the ones that are surprised
They're only where they are now regardless of their fight
This one's for believing, if only for its sake
Come on friends get up now, love is to be made

And this part was for her
And this part was for her
This part was for her
Does she remember?

Half Life Imogen Heap
You've got a schedule to stick to
Got a world to keep sweet
You're so much to everyone all the time
The universe contracts to sign

A Thousand Years Christina Perri
I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What's standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

Cosmic Love Florence + The Machine
And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat
I tried to find the sound
But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness,
So darkness I became
No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart

Galaxies Owl City
Dear god, I was terribly lost
When the galaxies crossed
And the sun went dark
But dear god! You're the only north star
I would follow this far