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Is This All There Is?: A Fanmix for Sayaka Miki's Descent

listen @ 8tracksart credit

Miss You / Trentemoller
"i'm not needed anymore."

Hounds of Love / Kate Bush
i've always been a coward
and i don't know what's good for me
here i go!
it's coming for me through the trees
help me someone, help me please

Almost Human / Voltaire
i'm just like you
made by he
despised by they
i'm almost me
i'm nearly human
pity me, i'm almost a human being

Demons / Imagine Dragon
no matter what we breed
we still are made of greed
this is my kingdom come
this is my kingdom come

People II: The Reckoning / Andrew Jackson Jihad
i've tried to know which words to sing so many times
i've tried to know which chord to play
and i've tried to make it rhyme
and i've tried to find the key that all good songs are in
and i've tried to find the notes to make that great resounding din

Black Rose/Green Sun / Toby "Radiation" Fox
"i've been such a fool."

Blue Lips / Regina Spektor
she stumbled into faith and thought
god, this is all there is
the pictures in her mind arose
and began to breathe

blue lips, blue veins
blue, the color of our planet from far far away
blue, the most human color

River Flows in You / Lindsey Stirling
"there's no way i could regret this."

hahah i made like three fanmixes and never posted them here OOPS

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