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009;; jumping up and down the floor

63 Homestuck, 22 Ib, 18 Madoka, 9 Vocaloid, 8 Yume Nikki, and 4 plurk icons

Credits located here!



Madoka Magica


Yume Nikki


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gorgeous icons! *__*b
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Lord English in a sunhat

The Grand Highblood shaking what his lusus gave him yes I know that doesn't make sense shut up

tripped out colorful Roxy with a lollipop

taking a few of these ♥
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thank you from the bottom of my short haired jade RP account heart <3333
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even if it's technically supposed to be rule63 who knows???
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yessss short-haired jades are so cute
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These are gorgeous! Taking a few Homestuck. ♥
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these are gorgeous, taking probably way too many (and is that jade<3<vriska i see?!?!?!?!)
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Oooh, nice!
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These are all super lovely!

Also, a question. Do you possibly have the full picture still of the 5th/6th Vocaloid icon still? The source you mentioned in the google doc doesn't appear to exist any longer!
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These are lovely! Taking some. <3