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008;; big bad betty of the 'pocalypse

34 homestuck, 9 ib, 9 madoka magica, 22 pokémon, 9 misc (3 original art, 6 hunger games) and 9 plurk

art by (tumblr urls unless otherwise noted): fastpuck, pepple, derperistical, nebula-tea (dA), sonschmarn, bardofrage, coffeeclocks, fleinne, zzazu, socutenot, paperpie, chikimambo, chazzerpan, cannibalcowboys, nutfound, skaiasthelimit, doomyz, usapin, silenthillnouta, sciencestuck, sonschmarn, starrypier

art by (pixiv ids unless otherwise noted): 27537500, 381525 (tegaki user), 26741576, 26897209, monosketch (tumblr), 27412650, 26705193

madoka magica
art by (pixiv ids unless otherwise noted): 20321212, 207227 (tegaki user), 26329152, 26020966, 18899183, 24203890, chawanat (dA), 25101442

art by (pixiv ids unless otherwise noted): pokketumonsuta (dA), 27433401, 14164467, 16351275, 14331780, 26725299, haikuninja (tumblr), yoshiie (tumblr), 26530862, 25823006, 19305247

misc (original art & thg)
thg bits are from the movie or interviews; original art by 18854028 (pixiv id) and Annily (FA)

credit to [community profile] sunsetter is appreciated but not required, full images are always available upon request, as are individual artists. if your art is here and you want it removed, let me know asap!
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love the pkmn and homestuck icons