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006;; she acts like summer & walks like rain

42 Homestuck, 22 Ib, 5 original art, 11 Pokémon, 12 Problem Sleuth ladies, 5 misc (YGO, Madoka, Brave, THG), and 4 Plurk

art by (tumblr url unless otherwise noted): paperpie, yoccu, thejotaku, color--muncher, yrrstuck, alexiadraws, parachuter, kitkaloid, kenjisartdump (dA), davestripper, forty-7, pepple, coffeefrank, roachpatrol, sooheesprite, camico1123 (dA), neophytecherryglare, poop-things, sunnytastic, dealie


it's a very short horror game somewhat reminiscent of yume nikki. learn more and download it here!
art by (pixiv ids unless otherwise noted): 27216002, 27112493, 27063580, 27227942, 27186188, 27151470, 27212338, 27050344, 27002542, 27188064, 27186188, 27242498, 27128758, 26920735, 27050344, 3735821 [drawr id]

original art
art by (tumblr urls unless otherwise noted): theveryworstthing, 2830336 (pixiv id), buttbear, myrollingstar

art by (pixiv ids unless otherwise noted): 27198527, 23992630, 27228510, 7879185, 26913728, wateryy [tumblr], 25318290, Gemma Correll, 17518780

problem sleuth
all art by [ profile] nemoy; please credit them if you take these!

art by (tumblr urls and pixiv ids unless otherwise noted): snoipahkat, 23413756, 2213383 [drawr id], 19509855

credit appreciated but not required, original images and artists available upon request, and if you would like your art taken down, please let me know right away.

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